Aside from your main salary, there are many ways to make additional income. I personally believe diversifying your income will help boost your net worth, savings and investments.

Market Research

This has worked out pretty well for me, and I have been lucky enough to average out a market research approximately once every other month.

Simply put, market research is when you share your opinions and get paid in return for your time and effort. Your views can ultimately influence new products, services and vary from online interviews, phone calls, focus groups and online communities!

Topics vary and can cover anything from banking, pets, food products, car insurance or technology.

My experience of market research has been positive. My highlight so far was being able to help contribute to a new product for a well know chocolate brand and was provided with a lot of chocolate to help in the research!


  • Be truthful when applying and be aware of eligibility requirements, such as age, occupation, gender and location.
  • Check out Research Opinions, Take Part in Research & Trend Market Research

Online Surveys

Answering online surveys provide a quick way to gain a bit off additional cash – I have a entire post related to online surveys here. They will not provide you hundreds of pounds, but are a quick way to past time.

TIP – There are numerous websites and apps to use and I have tried a few – check out my post to see my thoughts on the ones I have tried and how you can sign up!

Tutoring / Teaching English

Many people want to learn English, or want to improve their conversational English. I have been teaching English for a few months now and can see that demand is incredibly high! However if teaching if not your thing and you would like to specialise in a subject such as Maths, History or Science at A Level, degree or even GCSE – demand is also there for you!


  • If you really do have the want to teach English, I would recommend looking into undertaking a TEFL certificate, which will improve your ability to teach your students.
  • Check out Tutor Hunt, My Tutor, Preply, Cambly or even creating your own tutoring business.

Zero-hour Contract

This can provide a popular option for those finding something to fit around the 9-5, as hours tend to occur in the evenings and weekends and even better – you can decide your working hours. I have previously worked at my local council on election nights/mornings to help count votes which provided a great hourly rate for something I enjoyed!


  • Search if football / event stadiums near you offer hospitality contracts, or seasonal events such as Wimbledon and Royal Ascot.
  • A popular website for hospitality jobs is Levy/ Compass Events.

Sell Products / Reselling

Personally, I would recommend to try and either recycle unwanted goods or take them to a local charity store whom will sell on a range of items including furniture, clothes and toys. However if you are unable to do this there are a range of websites and apps which are able to advertise your unwanted products.


  • For larger items such as sofas, the British Heart Foundation offer a free home collection – more information is provided here.
  • I have had a lot of success on Vinted, it is really easy to use. If you would like to sign up – check out my referral link & you will receive £10 if you make a sale within 30 days of opening your account!

There are so many more ways to earn additional income – such as pet sitting, dog walking, child minding, selling your skills or products on Fiverr / ETSY, becoming a delivery driver.

Please note – check if you need to tell HMRC about income that’s not from your employer, you may need to fill in a Self-Assessment form.


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