It has never been easier to make additional money through online survey sites.

There are an array of websites that you can try, however some have frustrated me due to not qualifying and low payment. Here are some of the websites I have tried and tested, and that I believe are worth signing up to:

Influence (Formerly Voxpopme)

This is a very easy to navigate app, and has to be my personal favourite ‘survey’ sites. Simply you have to record short video response (less than 60 seconds long) with questions ranging from new products to topical news. I have known them to send out samples to users to test including drinks, toiletries and I have reviewed a chocolate bar!

To download the app and receive a sign up bonus – use this link!


  • Turn notifications on, so you are able to complete a survey / video before they fill up
  • Complete the Just For Fun videos, you will not get paid for them, however they do boost your chances of receiving further surveys.


Unlike other surveys apps / website, there is no minimum cash out limit meaning once your submission is approved you will receive the money immediately into your PayPal account.

The app is really easy to use, with a range of paid questions often available covering topics such as cleaning products, dinner, pet food and make up.


  • To receive a sign up bonus, use the code 79058N


Prolific is great! It’s incredibly easy to use, a range of surveys are available throughout the day and it’s used by university researchers – so you know are you making a difference.

Once you reach £5 you are able to cash out into PayPal. Best part is when researchers give you a bonus – often less than £2, but every penny helps!


  • Download the Google Chrome extension which will give you a notification when a new survey is available, as surveys fill up quickly


Similar to Prolific, it is great to know that your answers are being used in research /news articles as I tend to hear ‘according to a recent YouGov survey…’ fairly often!

They also have a great referral scheme, check out this link and after 6 surveys you will get extra points. Once you reach 5000 points you will receive a £50 bank transfer.


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