As touched on in this post, it has never been easier to make additional money. This post explores the best ways to earn additional money though mobile phone apps. In the last few months I have earnt an impressive amount through the apps below:

Influence (Formerly Voxpopme)

This is a very easy to navigate app, and has to be my personal favourite money making app. Simply you have to record a short video response (less than 60 seconds long) with questions ranging from new products to topical news.

You will receive 25p for the majority of surveys whilst branded surveys will pay-out 63p. I have known Influence to send out samples to users to test including drinks, toiletries and I have received and reviewed a chocolate bar! Cash out is at £10.

On average I make £10 a month via this app. To download the app and receive a sign up bonus – use this link!


  • Turn notifications on, so you are able to complete a survey / video before they fill up
  • Complete the Just For Fun videos, you will not get paid for them, however they do boost your chances of receiving further surveys.
Influence App


There are a range of topics covered such as pet food, beauty routines and dinner. Questions are well formatted, in a conversation text format and some questions require photos.

Keep up-to-date with the latest questions as they update often and often relate to daily activities such as cooking, beauty and hair care and feeding pets. Pay-out is provided quickly through PayPal.

Use the code 79058N when you download the app to receive a bonus.


  • Complete the unpaid surveys for more paid opportunities


Whilst this app is used for investing, I have found the referal link an incredibly easy way to make extra income as any refferals who use the link will result both you and the person using the link reicing a free share worth up to £200.

If you are interested in using the app for investing, check out my Freetrade app review!

In order to obtain your free share – simply use this link, download the app, set up your account and deposit £1. You will then receive a free share worth up to £200.

One Pulse

An easy to app which usually pays out £15 a month to me.

All surveys (pulses) are made up of only 3 questions and they are usually very interesting topics.

There are a range of paid surveys and more regular unpaid surveys which boost your experience points. The higher your experience points results in higher payment for paid surveys. You can turn on notifications which will let you know when new surveys are available so you do not miss out on any.

Cash out is at $20 or every 30 days. After using it for a few months I am able to cash out every month.


  • Follow OnePulse Instagram or Facebook pages to look out for posts which will give you the opportunity to boost your points! They also run weekly and monthly competitions which will give you either a cash transfer or further experience points
  • Turn notifications on to ensure you get to paid surveys before they fill up
OnePulse App

“Never limit yourself to one source of income”

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