Travelling can provide some of your most memorable experiences however costs can add up quickly.

Making small changes in your lifestyle and managing your money better will help put you on top of funding your travel! Read on for tips you will need to fund travel whether a weekend city break, 2 weeks city hopping or a few months away from it all.

Venice – February 2019

Save Up

The most obvious tip – but probably the most essential – you need to save up the money! Create a target amount you would like to reach and then set SMART goals, or break your larger target amount into smaller chunks. Check in regularly to see if you are on target to achieve your target amount and whether your goals need to be more realistic and adjusted.

Tips to help you save up include creating a budget and adding a ‘travel’ section to ensure that you are saving towards your trip on a regular basis. You can also use apps such as Monzo and using the round up function, creating saving pots or using the Plum app.

Earn Additional Income

Earning additional income to set aside for your travel can help boost your travel fund.

Ideas to increase your income through side hustles include online surveys, market research, online selling, digital products, tutoring or blogging. Waitressing, dog sitting or working as a bartender could also provide sources of additional income.

Check out my blog post on additional income ideas for further ways to earn additional income !

Bordeaux – Summer 2018

Set A Travel Budget

Setting a daily budget provides you a way to control your spending and stop overspending. Budget categories can include food, transport, activities and accommodation. Assign a weekly budget for each category and keep reviewing, allow for occasional splurge – you have worked hard for this trip after all. Unsuccessful budgets will lead you to skipping out on memorable experiences.

If you plan to travel for longer and remain within a set budget, be willing to compromise. For example, take a look at hostels or couchsurfing instead of resorts – accommodation is often the biggest cost when it comes to travel.

Tip – keep a buffer for any unexpected costs. Understand that if you underspend on one day you can spend this on another day – to ensure balance and to enjoy your trip as much as you can.

Plan Ahead

Before leaving for your destination research about the place you will visit, this could lead to you reducing your trip expenses. Find out the best location to stay, public transport options or local food options (which I have found to be cheaper and tastier than main stream restaurants).

Does booking any activities beforehand saves on costs compared to booking at your destiantion? Can you get a student discount for entry onto attractions?

Home Lisbon Hostel – Stayed here 3 times and would highly recommend

Hope these tips will help you to save up for your next trip! Remember to be smart about your money and keep reviewing your financial goals to see if you are keeping on track.

It has also be great to look through my travel photos to pick photos for this post!

Nine Arches Bridge, Ella, Sri Lanka

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