As mentioned in this post, Vinted provides a great way to make additional income by selling clothes and other items. It is an easy to use website and phone app, which helps in its success to being so popular.

What is Vinted and how does it work?

Vinited is an app and website that allows you to list your unwanted items for free. Whilst selling clothes (male, female and kids) remains popular, Vinted have recently introduced the ability to buy / sell homeware including books, textiles and home accessories.

When a buyer confirms the purchase you simply have to package the item, print the label and send it out. There are zero selling fees – the buyer will always pay for postage, not you, which is another benefit of Vinted. Once the customer has confirmed receipt of the item the money will be transferred to your Vinted account – you can use this money to either spend on Vinted to purchase an item or withdrawal it via PayPal.

I have been using Vinted for over a year now and have not had any problems with it. The app is very easy to use and customer service is great – they are quick to respond to my queries.

Being successful on Vinted

Clear Photos

Good quality photos is the key to selling clothes and other items online – you need to catch the eye of potential buyers who are scrolling through the long list of other items available. My top tips for Vinted photography are:

  • Ensure you item is well presented – that it is crease-free & that the entire item is on showcase. Upload detailed photos of labels, pockets, zips etc.
  • Buyers often like to see what the item looks like on a person to give them a better idea of fit, so try and upload photos of you trying on the item
  • Photos standout a lot more with natural light so try and take the photos during the day time
  • A plain background that does not distract buyers from the item of clothing

Describing Your Item

After uploading the items photos, the next step is to provide as much detailed and useful information as you can of the product. Think of yourself as a customers – what would you like to know about the item? Vinted provides a range of fillable drop down menus to provide detail such as size, colour, brand and how much it has been worn, there is also a description box for you to type in further detail.

You are also able to add hashtags, like on social media, which will come up in the search results. What makes this item stand out and attract buyers – is it vintage, never been worn?

Finally, when describing the product be as truthful as you can. Describe any flaws that the item may have, such as holes, stains or missing buttons. You would rather have a customers aware of these now rather than later and leaving you a poor review and wanting to make a return.

Communication with Buyers

Vinted offers a useful chat service which allows potential buyers to ask you questions about the product such as delivery or further photos. More often than not they ask about reducing the price, however I have been asked questions ranging from packaging, further images of the product and size information.

Be sure to reply to customers quickly, politely and offer as much detail as possible, otherwise they may lose interest. Building a good rapport with customers may result in a positive 5 star review or even provide you the ability to retain customers.

clothes selling vinted


Research a suitable price for the item – see what similar items are being sold for on Vinted as this will be your competition. Often customers will come back to you requesting a lower price, so be prepared to negotiate on your items if you are keen to sell them.

Enjoy selling your unwanted items on Vinted!

Easy to use app with helpful Q & A section

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