Matched Betting is something I have heard off a lot through various people, whom have always spoken positively about it. However due to a few factors such as…

  • not knowing how / where to start
  • the thought of losing my money
  • no previous experience of betting

… I have not taken the first step and started matched betting.

To sum up, aside from the odd Euromillions entry or office lottery syndicate I had no previous knowledge of betting before starting. So the odds of doing well at Matched Betting were really not in my favour… that was until I was contacted by John – a Matched Betting Guide.

My Experience of Matched Betting – With a Matched Betting Tutor

John, my Matched Betting Tutor, works with people who, like me, are new to matched betting and provides step by step guidance and will happily answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

John guided me through everything from start to finish from sending over the links to sign up to the betting websites to letting me know the specific sport and match to place a bet on. John always is available to make sure that the bets have been placed correctly and after placing every bet asks for a screenshot to ensure the bet has been placed successfully. This ensures that all bets are always risk free and profit will always be guaranteed.

We keep in contact via a chat junction on the website, which was a great, instant form of communication. John sent me daily updates to clearly break down how much money has been deposited and profits made.

Another big benefit of using a Matched Betting Tutor was that due to the live chat function, I could login and place bets at whatever time best suited me.

Further benefits of using a matched betting tutor are:

  • Links to offers that are not listed on mainstream sites
  • Combining offers with cashback benefits
  • Full guidance from signing up through to withdrawing earnings
  • Access to offers that are researched and tested by the tutor
  • Information on withdrawing your returns, including detail such as the best bank account for matched betting

My Journey

  • We initially signed up to 5 sites and deposited a total of £50 across these – however, for you it does not have to be this much to deposit. John has previously worked with others who have started with £10 – £25
  • John sent across specific links so I was able to qualify for free bets upon signup to the sites
  • During my first time placing bets John took me through the process on how to places bets – and after our first lesson we made a profit of £110. Within a week of placing bets, total profit made was over £200

Why You Should Use A Matched Betting Tutor

Using a matched betting tutor has made Matched Betting one of my easiest form of incomes and having a tutor ensures that it will be risk free, with income guaranteed. Moreover, I can ask John any questions I have before placing a bet and he will happily answer to reassure that the bet is correct before placing it.

It frees up time that you would require managing and monitoring your bets, your tutor would keep track of all this for you.

How to Sign Up

Simply follow this link to John’s website. You can contact John stating your interest as well as finding more about Matched Betting and how a tutor will benefit you as well as reading the Matched Betting Blog.

The cost of using a matched betting tutor is 20% of net earnings.

Disclaimer : Matched Betting may not be an option for everyone. If you are experiencing Gambling Addiction, please visit BeGambleAware.Org

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