Our mobile phones – something we are so reliant on, but have you ever thought how to keep your mobile phone expenses low ?

Buy Phone Outright

It has been proven that if you buy your phone outright and pay for a SIM only deal it will save you money overtime compared to a Contract deal. Check it out in the example below:


Initial Cost£49£799
Monthly Cost  (24 months)£48£12
*Based on iPhone 12 Cost and 3 24- month Contract Plan

Not only a sim-only contract saves you money, but provides you the flexibility to switch between phone types.

Shop Around for the Best Deal

I currently pay £7 a month for my sim-only deal with 3 that includes unlimited texts and minutes, and brought my iPhone outright. When it came to the end of my 12-month sim contract I made sure to shop around and have the evidence of a cheaper and better deal ready before talking to 3. Scroll through the sim provider website or MoneySuperMarket to find if there is abetter deal available for you to switch to.

Just like other types of insurance, do not stay loyal to your existing sim provider, changing to a new provider to very easy to do and your existing mobile number will stay.

Keep Repairs to a Minimum

As someone who has had experienced a crack screen twice, I can safely say phone repairs are expensive! There are a few things you can do to ensure that your phone repairs are kept to a minimum:

Phone Case

A good quality phone case (which may not be the prettiest) could provide protection in case you drop your phone

Screen Protector

Can easily be brought online, and will provide protection from your screen shattering incase it drops.

Phone Insurance

If you are prone to damaging objects, phone insurance maybe a good long-term deal for you. Check if your work place offers any complimentary phone insurance.

Going Abroad?

Check with your phone provider if you can use your Sim Card whilst abroad, otherwise make sure that you keep your data. My phone provider – 3 allows some sim cards to be used in over 70 countries at no extra cost!

Airtime Rewards

A free to download app that gives you money off your phone bill when you shop at selected retailers. Simply add your card or debit card details to the app and when you spend you will automatically receive money off your phone bill. There are currently over 80 brands you can spend at from Primark, Boots and Argos. More information on the app is available on the Airtime Rewards website.

Remember that you should only spend if you really need to, do not spend just for the sake of it.

Just a few ways that you can reduce your phone bill. What ways do you reduce your phone bill, share them in the comments below.

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